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BEFORE WE START WITH THE SUBSCRIPTION, we are selling our first Escape Tactics Box for you to buy now!



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What is an escape room, you ask? Well, an escape room is like a live clue game where you and your team are locked in a themed room and tasked to find clues to solve puzzles within an hour! Escape Tactics currently has two of these interesting escape rooms in Fort Myers, Florida and Wenatchee, Washington. Escape Tactics wanted to take escape rooms a step further! So, we decided to create a game version of an escape room that you and your team could play from anywhere! Play at home, at the coffee shop, your favorite bar or even your rich uncle’s house! Our unique puzzles and carefully crafted storylines will keep you on the edge of your seat. This escape room is meant to be more of a mystery game so it’s your choice if you want to try to complete all the puzzles within an hour. We want YOU to choose how, when and where you play. Just have fun and get weird!



Need To Know Basis


You can play alone or with others! Of course, sometimes having extra minds can sure help out (we recommend a max of 4 to 5 players)! Especially cats…detective cats to be exact…


Unless you want to time yourself, no timer is required! Of course, maybe if you are competing against a friend, a timer may be fun!


While the puzzles are challenging, they are NOT impossible. Ages 14 and above!


Anyone or anything can play! If you are competing, we do suggest you choose the lamp as your opponent…You are guaranteed a swift victory.



Your Box Guide


Hello. My name is Belle. Please take a moment to look at my selfie above. I will be your box guide. I was hired because of my intense love for boxes…and this box, is by far my favorite. Any questions you have please message me via the contact information at the bottom of the page. If you are ready to order meow, go ahead! I am ready to provide you with an exciting escape room experience!


  • Best game I have played in a while. I cannot wait to play the next box!

    Michelle Dennis
  • I have visited the escape room location in Wenatchee, WA and I had a blast. I just had to try out the Escape Tactics Box and I LOVED IT! I was one of the lucky few to check it out before they start selling online, and I am so glad I was.

    Scott Pearl
  • Played with my family and it took us a long time but it was a great family bonding experience!

    Annick Gant

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Belle, your box guide, is always ready to provide excellent assistance to any questions or concerns you may have! Belle will ALWAYS respond within 24 to 48 hours, weekend or weekday!